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Cloed to Friday January 19th at 17 am.

La Grange, window to the Wallis country.

This old barn, built in the 1700s, has been converted in a typical Wallis nook : friendly, warm and convivial. The log burning fireplace gives a cosy atmosphere “like in the good old times”.

As an authentic sight on the region of Wallis, the wine bar La Grange offers about fifteen different vintages served by the glass in ounce or in decilitre. About forty different bottled wines originating from famous Wallis cellars will delight the wine connoisseur’s palate.

The menu gives particular attention to the country products: raclette, backed Tomme, homemade salting (either preserved or pickled products), Fondue and crusty cheese bread.


  Wine Bar La Grange  |  1983 Evolène  |  Tél : +41 27 283 1379  |
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